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hello people I want you to join the group could DesktopArt-BR, in which I am co-founder, there as here in Deskmoddeiros are super welcome with open arms for you, there you can also post their work normally, thus placing the appropriate folders here as well, right?
Go Go Go !

Hi guys, I want to inform you that OtisBee Gallery Moderator is the Skins and Themes.

He will be serving us, but we put our full support to him and help him in different ways.

He invited users to send you a note or comment, if

• you would like to suggest a theme for the skin or be presented in a departure per day (see your profile page for more infos about this matter)

• you have problems with Skins & Themes gallery or would like to suggest some changes or additions

• you would like it to promote and support certain events, such as contests, etc. devmeets

• you would like it to feature important announcements, news, articles or news in general and groups

• you have other concerns, questions or suggestions that are somehow related to the subject Skins & Themes

Thank You for your attention gersoncarvalho
I do not have much to report here on this blog, just wanted to thank all of you are here, not my group, but our thanks to each member, contributor to each gear by you, thank you very much and even he only has to grow!


Eu nao tenho muita coisa a declarar aqui nesse blog, só queria agradeçer a todos vocês estão aqui, não o meu grupo e sim nosso, obrigado a cada membro, contribuidor, a cada arte apresentada por vocês, o meu muito obrigado mesmo e que ele só tenha a crescer !


fala galera do Deskmoddeiros, queria lhe informa-los sobre o dsc do Deskmodder-de
para que vocês participarem ou olhar o que vai rolar nesse torneio, quem vai participar preparem-se para a guerra, quem nao vai, façam as suas apostas !

ai, tá preparado !? :B

Vamo lá !


Galley Deskmoddeiros speech, I will inform them about the dsc
for you to participate or watch what is going to roll in this tournament, who attends prepare for war, who will not, make your bets!

oh, ok ready!? :B


Let's Go !

Bom galera, devido alguns problemas aqui no grupo, nao estava dando para a galera postar os seus trabalhos, mas os problemas já foram resolvidos, e vocês podem postar avontade, e quem tá visitando, por favor participe, se você nao mexe com esse trabalho, você pode se tornar membro e ficar assistindo de camarote o que rola no grupo.



Good guys, because some problems here in the group was not giving the guys post your work, but problems have been resolved, and you can post avontade, and who's visiting, please join if you do not mess with this work , You can become a member and be watching the cabin that rolls in the group.

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